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#DATAMUSTFALL - the debate continues

#DATAMUSTFALL - the debate continues Back

Below are references to recent news coverage on the cost of data, data bundles expiring and the dreaded out-of-bundle rates 

"The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) intends on regulating data expiry, according to a notice published in the Government Gazette on Monday."

"The public has until September 19 to submit comment.
Prior to the recommendation, the regulator announced it would hold an inquiry to try reduce high data costs. This inquiry will be conducted over four phases and completed in March 2018.
These phases include a market study, discussion document, public hearings, and findings document. Members of the public would have 45 days to submit comments following each phase, News24 reported."

Schools, teachers, parents and learners have a direct interest in the cost of data.  We are of the opinion that access to data can play a remarkable role in the deployment of technology in schools as well as access to quality content to enrich the learning and teaching experience.  Online content can also further the learning cycle for learners outside of schooling hours and from other venues than the school premises.  Quality, high speed and stable internet at more affordable prices is at the centre of the discussion.  The fact that bundles expire with unused balances and the exhorbatant out-of-budle rates should not deflect our attention from the fat that expensive data can hinder the access to free resources that can enrich learning and teaching.

Riaan van der Bergh
Education Technology Manager